WRTP/BIG STEP is a nonprofit workforce intermediary dedicated to connecting individuals with careers in the manufacturing, construction, and emerging sectors while helping employers and unions find skilled workers to meet their demands.

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The Latest

February is Career and Technical Education Month!

WRTP/BIG STEP plays an innovative role in ensuring that youth, both in and out of school, are exposed to career development experiences. Visit our Youth page to learn about our newest opportunity for Youth – Operation: High Expectations!

Laid Off? You may be eligible for special benefits!

Learn about Four Eligibility Pathways for the WIOA Dislocated Workers Program here.

Foundry 101: Preparing the next generation of American metalworkers

To help the company invest in its next generation of skilled workers, WRTP/BIG STEP partnered with Stainless Foundry and Engineering to develop a six-week bootcamp in metallurgy and foundry. Read more about the company and its partnership with WRTP/BIG STEP in the latest issue of Manufacturing Today here.