What’s Hot in Construction

Check out this video about steamfitting and sheet metal careers by our friends at Wisconsin Sheet Metal and Steamfitters. It gives a nice look at apprenticeships and the benefits of a career in the industry.

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Check out this video on our recent Mandi Award win for our HSED-MC3 program collaboration with Literacy Services of Wisconsin:

All About Constuction

The construction industry has many great pathways to family-sustaining careers. According to the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development, jobs in construction offer an average entry-level wage of $15.93, and experienced workers earn $31.97 per hour on average. With such high wages and low entry-level skill requirements, careers in construction provide a great opportunity to earn higher wages, support a family, and attain a better overall quality of life.

Since 1976, BIG STEP has been dedicated to increasing the number of women and minorities employed in the construction industry while helping employers  meet their workforce needs. BIG STEP partnered with the Wisconsin Regional Training Partnership (WRTP) in 2002 to facilitate even better apprenticeship- and career-readiness training opportunities. WRTP/BIG STEP’s strong, collaborative relationships with industry leaders make our mission possible. By working directly with employers, labor leaders, and industry associations, WRTP/BIG STEP offers a variety of services to help develop a more diverse, qualified, and dependable workforce – now and into the future. Learn more about BIG STEP.

You can also learn more about the construction programs offered with this brochure.

Residential Preference Program (RPP)

The Residential Preference Program (RPP) helps City of Milwaukee residents gain access to employment opportunities related to various publicly-financed construction projects within the City of Milwaukee and the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD). To learn more about the RPP Certification and its qualifications, please see flyer for details.

TrANS Road Building Program

The Road Building Certificate program is an intensive, non-paid 130-160 hour road construction
preparation program geared towards preparing individuals to meet the workforce needs of contractors*
on specific DOT projects. The program includes the National Building Trades Multi-Craft Core (MC3) training
and certification. To learn more about the TrANS Certificate Program and its qualifications, please see flyer for details.

Attend a BIG STEP Orientation

Attending a BIG STEP orientation is your first step to a career in the construction industry. You’ll learn about: apprenticeships in the building trades and the application process; BIG STEP’s apprenticeship readiness tutoring program; entry-level training opportunities; community certifications; and upcoming and ongoing construction projects in the area.

Learn about the building trades below, and be sure to register for an orientation session in advance. BIG STEP orientations are currently being held in Madison and Milwaukee. See flyers for more information.

Explore Opportunities in the Construction Skilled Trades

Interested in pursuing opportunities in construction but don’t know what career pathway is right for you? Explore the building trades here!

The skilled trades offer many great career opportunities, and Registered Apprenticeships provide the pathways into family-sustaining careers. With the help of WRTP/BIG STEP, you can learn how to be successful in apprenticeship programs for the career of your choice.

Apprenticeship Readiness Tutoring Program

WRTP/BIG STEP has a dedicated team of tutors who are here to help you reach your career goals. We offer individualized curriculum and small group tutoring to improve your academic skills and succeed in the apprenticeship application and testing process. And through our industry-led model, we work with hundreds of employers to offer training opportunities that prepare you for success in the career of your choice.

Training Programs and Certifications

WRTP/BIG STEP works directly with hundreds of employers and unions to develop training programs that meet regional workforce needs. We have the unique ability to satisfy the specific and timely needs of the construction industry, and our courses are customized based on employer and project needs. These courses include valuable industry-recognized certifications. Courses are developed and facilitated in partnership with labor and contractors. Some industry-led courses include:

  • Entry Level Construction Skills (ELCS)
  • Road Building Skills (TrANS)
  • Asbestos Awareness/Lead Abatement/Lead Renovation
  • Residential Preference Program (RPP) Certification
  • Communities In Need (COIN) Certification
  • Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC)