Hunter Scott

IMT Journeyperson, Vice-President of United Lodge 66 of the IAMAW, shop chairman, and long-term employee Ocean Spray, Kenosha Wisconsin

Hunter Scott, a recent graduate of the Industrial Manufacturing Technician (IMT) registered apprenticeship program and now proud journey IMT is living proof that challenging yourself as an adult learner brings great gifts. Hunter had been working for Ocean Spray for over ten years, when the IMT was introduced at a union/ management meeting; he wanted to upgrade his skills. Prior to this, he had been considering what to do. He knew he wanted to do something to increase his opportunities. The IMT seemed like the perfect opening to improve his skills, learn knew things and get a formal recognition of the skills he already had. Upon completing the IMT, he became a Senior Operations Technician with a related wage increase. What the IMT gave him was detailed information as well as a broader understanding of the production needs at his plant. As a Senior Operations Technicians, one of his roles is training new production employees. Hunter knows the skills and perspective the IMT gave him make the training he gives to these new workers much more valuable.

His IMT studies was part of a class of that graduated 22 journey workers who worked together to learn the content needed to pass the many tests that demonstrated their knowledge. The training also gave him the confidence to take a greater leadership role both on the plant floor as well as with his co-workers by seeking a position with his Local union. He is now Vice-President of United Lodge 66 of the IAMAW. Both he and an IMT buddy linked their success to the IMT to something of real value that the union helped get for them. In addition to Hunter’s increased participation by serving as Vice-President of his local, he also serves as shop chair of the bargaining unit representing IAMAW members at Ocean Spray; another IMT graduate is Recording Secretary.

He believes in the philosophy of “more knowledge and more skills” is so important not only for him but for anyone wishing to advance. As a long-term Ocean Spray

employee, he has heard management state the benefits of the IMT in that it gives participating employees upgraded skills and has a real return on investment on the shop floor. It is a way for incumbent employees to see a way to move forward while helping make the company efficient and cutting costs.


His four children and four grandchildren also saw the importance of this IMT. He was very clear to his family that when he had homework and that it had to be done. They also voiced that they appreciated “Dad is doing something to help our family even more.” He was proud to explain to them that by learning more, working hard he would make more money which he now as.

Hunter Scott shows that learning new things and working to improve yourself can be fun!