Industrial Manufacturing Technician (IMT)

Industrial Manufacturing Technician (IMT) is an emerging new Registered Apprenticeship in the manufacturing sector reflecting overall higher skills requirements. As firms incorporate more lean manufacturing, statistical process control, and CNC processing into entry-level manufacturing positions, IMTs are in high demand and manufacturers have voiced concerns that they cannot find qualified workers to fill their IMT vacancies.

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IMTs set up, test, calibrate, operate, and control manufacturing machinery and equipment using a variety of electrical, electronic, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and computer technologies. Manufacturers seek entry-level workers with skills in: inspection, repair, mathematics, quality assurance and control, preventive maintenance, blueprint and schematic reading, inventory management, equipment testing, and good manufacturing processes.

The IMT Registered Apprenticeship focuses on increasing the pipeline of highly qualified and diverse individuals prepared to enter middle- and high-skilled occupations within the growing manufacturing sector. It is a 3,000-hour apprenticeship that trains entry-level workers for IMT positions and promotes their career advancement and standing in higher-skilled apprenticeships.

WRTP/BIG STEP provides direct services to employers and apprentices and serves as a clearinghouse, offering e-libraries that aggregate best practices in apprenticeship design and implementation, providing access to information and resources, and offering technical assistance to industry stakeholders.

BERMO, Inc Graduates 1st IMT Class

“At a small ceremony at the Circle Pine headquarters of BERMO incorporated 4 of 5 graduates of the Industrial Manufacturing Technician (IMT) Apprentice program beamed with pride. BERMO, Inc is a, “premium manufacturer of metal components.” ”

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