Industry Services

Our mission is to enhance the ability of industry to recruit and develop a diverse, qualified workforce in the construction, manufacturing, and emerging sectors of the regional economy. WRTP/BIG STEP is a workforce development intermediary with an innovative nationally recognized model that is industry led, worker centered, and community focused.

Traditional job training programs focus only on the supply of labor available to industry, ignoring the timely and specific nature of industry’s workforce needs. WRTP/BIG STEP’s strategies and training programs are driven, developed, and conducted based on employer and industry demand. Our model is built on strong, collaborative relationships with industry partners, specifically quality employers that provide family-supporting wages and strong benefits.

Our Services

  • Recruit and assess job-ready candidates from a wide range of community-based referral programs
  • Prepare qualified candidates for recruitment and advancement opportunities
  • Offer nationally-renowned employment readiness training opportunities designed by industry
  • Provide placement and retention services that link career- and apprenticeship-ready candidates to the trades and other opportunities

Sector-Based Services