Lues Jimenez

“You have to keep perfecting yourself, making yourself better. I wanted a better future; a better career.” Before going through the Industrial Manufacturing Technician (IMT) Apprenticeship Program, Lues was working an entry level job at Renaissance Manufacturing Group (RMG), but wanted to work his way up in the company.

Lues sees the value of the IMT Apprenticeship Program, especially in the skills a participant can acquire. “I went to the machine shop; a lot of the material we covered carried over to my new position – the hydraulics, the maintenance, repairing, blueprint readings, and precision measurements. It all came into play at the machine shop.” For RMG, the IMT  Apprenticeship Program is also incredibly beneficial. While RMG is investing in Lues, the skills Lues is able to bring back benefits not only his work, but also those working around him – which in turn only makes the company stronger and more efficient.

During the program, Lues also gained certification in OSHA 10 and First Aid CPR. These certifications and ongoing training are important in today’s workforce environment. As Lues points out, “It’s going to help you get into the new positions opening up. I have options now.” Lues also added, “I’m excited to add all of this new experience and programming to my resume.” Joe Nicosia, Manufacturing Industry Coordinator at WRTP/BIG STEP added, “We all thought highly of his ambition to complete the apprenticeship program.”

Married for thirty-one years with three grown kids, Lues had something to prove. “I wanted to show my kids you’re never too old to learn. You can’t lose anything, you can only gain. Knowledge is power.”

Lues is now doing CNC machining and is team lead at RMG. He also is planning to continue building his experience and resume. In discussing the IMT Apprenticeship Program, Lues expressed, “I would recommend it for anyone who wants to make their resume better, or just wants to learn and gain the knowledge and experience.”

About the IMT Apprenticeship Program: The Industrial Manufacturing Technician hybrid registered apprenticeship provides production workers with the knowledge and competencies needed in the advanced manufacturing environment.

For more information on the IMT program, call us at (414) 342-9787 and ask for a manufacturing representative.