Other Sectors

Utilities Sector

WRTP/BIG STEP is dedicated to meeting the utility sector’s growing workforce needs by preparing diverse, qualified workers for success in apprenticeships and family-sustaining jobs. With an aging workforce and major ongoing and upcoming construction projects, demand for skilled workers in the utility sector is dramatically increasing.

Seasonal Gas Inspector Training

Last year, WRTP/BIG STEP partnered with We Energies and United Steel Workers Local 2006 to design and implement a specialized training class for seasonal natural gas inspectors. Combining classroom instruction with intensive field work, the 8-week course ensures that students receive the latest and most relevant knowledge and skills from industry experts to meet job requirements and be prepared to advance in the industry. The program is designed so that individuals who successfully complete the training have opportunities to find jobs that pay a starting wage of over $20 per hour.

In February 2016, the first class of seasonal natural gas inspector trainees graduated and most were hired immediately by We Energies.

WRTP graduation pic