About Triada

Triada Employment Services, LLC provides staffing services to companies in Southeastern Wisconsin seeking fully trained skilled employees as well as entry level candidates. Formed by WRTP/BIG STEP, Triada shares WRTP’s mission of providing businesses with employees trained to meet their specific needs.

For Employers

Triada works closely with its client companies to thoroughly understand their hiring needs and objectives. Through its relationship with WRTP/BIG STEP Triada is able to identify and assess candidates to make sure they meet the client’s criteria for these open positions.

All candidates are carefully screened and tested to ensure that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully perform their job functions.

For information about how Triada can assist with your labor needs please contact us at:

(414) 937-3605 or Email Us

For Job Seekers

Triada provides assessment and training through a number of skills and career development programs for those individuals just entering the workforce or those interested in changing fields.

Candidates with existing skills and experience can feel confident that Triada will place them in a position that will allow them to utilize these skills and continue to grow in their fields of expertise.

For information on training programs and employment opportunities please contact us at:

(414) 937-3605 or Email Us