Why We Succeed

Supported by public, private, and philanthropic investments, WRTP/BIG STEP’s mission is to assist economically disadvantaged minorities, women, and youth (primarily from the central-city) develop the skills needed to participate meaningfully in the workforce and share in the area economy while ensuring that member companies have the skilled workers needed to prosper and grow in a competitive global economy.

As a workforce intermediary, WRTP/BIG STEP works with the public sector to develop resources, services, processes and programs for their member companies to expand employment and advancement opportunities by upgrading the skills of current employees; and recruiting, training and placing community residents in family-supporting jobs to meet their need for new workers.

Combining Strengths

The partnership between WRTP and BIG STEP combined the respective strengths of each organization. WRTP has specialized in the development of hands-on, group-size pre-employment training certificate programs, while BIG STEP focuses on individualized tutoring in academic skills for apprenticeship exams.

WRTP has rolled out a growing number of training certificate programs for trades such as carpentry, machining, welding, heavy highway construction, underground construction, and utility line construction, while BIG STEP has worked closely with the Joint Apprenticeship Committees in the area to prepare candidates for their respective exams.

WRTP has brought together an unprecedented array of public, private, and philanthropic partners to support the partnership with BIG STEP and development of the Center of Excellence for Skilled Trades & Industry.